What is Microsoft Windows?

Windows 10 Logo

What is it?

When referring to an operating system, Windows or Win is an operating environment. Microsoft created this platform to provides an interface, known as a GUI (graphical user interface). This GUI is used on computers and mobile phones. Windows eliminates the need to memorize commands for the command line (MS-DOS). You navigate the different “Windows” using a mouse, you can navigate through menus, dialog boxes, buttons, tabs, icons and more. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for PC (IBM) computer. Apple computer interface is called  macOS.

Microsoft Windows was first introduced with version v1.0 on November 10, 1983. Since its release, there have been over a dozen versions of Windows. The most current version of Windows for end users is Windows 10.

Why is it called “Windows”

Before the release of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft users used the single task command line operating system MS-DOS. Microsoft tend to use a single name for their products, they chose something that best describes the new GUI operating system. Microsoft settled on  “Windows” because of the multiple windows that allow different tasks and programs to be run at the same time. You cannot trademark a common name like “Windows” that is why it is officially known as “Microsoft Windows”.